Price Comparison With Local Supermarkets

The shop really can be less expensive - read on to learn more.

One of the more memorable presentations we have had at the annual meeting held in September each year, was one from the manager of the village shop in Blockley, Gloucs. He clearly knew his stuff, and one of his more provocative comments was that “people perceive that village shops are more expensive, 50p on everything, so you might as well charge it”. Well, OK, it’s one route you could take. However, we have always been mindful of two things – firstly people are spoilt for choice on the supermarket front around here. We noted at the time that the nearest large supermarket to Blockley was in Evesham 15 miles away, Shipston or Moreton in Marsh  – we have to contend with about 8 in a 10 mile radius. And secondly, whilst it's business, it feels very cynical as an approach – particularly as the whole footing of the business is social enterprise and creating something for the community. And yet the perception that “you are more expensive, because you are a village shop” persists, which is why we commissioned some very particular work on comparing our prices with those of the local supermarkets. Here we have tried to give a genuine comparison, between the cost of a “typical” basket of groceries between the Village Shop and several local, large supermarkets. We carried out the study at the end of January, and thought you might be interested in seeing the results.

The first challenge, of course, is what makes a "typical" basket? Well here's our attempt at that: 



Butter - Kerrygold

Onions - Large

Sugar - Silver Spoon Granulated

Tinned Tomatoes - Napolina plum

Tea - Tetley

Cornflakes - Kelloggs

Coffee - Nescafe Gold Blend

Cat Food - Whiskas Canned

Milk - Semi Skimmed

Dog Food - Pedigree Canned

Bread - Kingsmill White Sliced Med

Toilet Paper - Andrex Quilted

Baked Beans - Heinz

Washing Up Liquid - Fairy Original

Potatoes - King Edwards

Orange Squash - Robinsons Sugar Free

Potatotes - Wilja

Marmalade - Golden Shred


The price of this, fairly straightforward, not overly exciting, day to day shopping basket of products is £26.08 if you buy it now, in the Village Shop.

If you were to buy the same basket of goods in Sainsbury’s Redditch it would cost £23.90,  at Tesco, Redditch it would cost £23.41 and at Waitrose £24.16. Interestingly, we are cheaper for milk, washing up liquid and loo rolls (as well as a number of other things like organic veg which weren’t part of the survey).

So, unsurprisingly we are slightly more expensive than the supermarkets for this basket, between £1.80 and £2.00 more. That is, until you add in the cost of getting the car out…. then see what happens.

If we assume £0.50p per mile, which is the average cost to run a car according to the AA, if you take the distance from the centre of Feckenham, then Tesco is £1.73 more expensive, Sainsbury £4.97 and Waitrose a whopping £6.33 more. So, for those within a short distance of the shop, it makes sense to use it for convenience items, let alone the other things that we stock that you can’t get in the supermarkets.

For those interested in the specific detail, you can see the data here

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